Volvo XC90 Takes On Winter

A big question on a lot of driver's minds this winter is whether or not the car they dream of driving handles well in the snow. If that dream car happens to be the Volvo XC90, the enterprising folks at The Fast Lane Car have the answer for you, and that answer is a resounding "heck yes."

The folks at TFLC took the new SUV to a snowy backroad in Colorado to test how the XC90 handled in eight to ten inches of snow. While the car wasn't able to make it all the way up a snowy incline (and they noted no car could), they found it handled quite well driving at speed through the fluffy white stuff along the back roads.

Learn more about what they found in the video below.

Want to see how the XC90 drives in general? A quick and easy way to find out is to stop by our Dulles, VA dealership and take this new Volvo out for a spin. Just drop us a line if you're interested.


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