High-Tech Solutions for Volvo's Latest High-Tech Sedan

To build the best car, you need to test it from every angle, and improve it. Building prototypes is often the first time automakers can see and feel how their concept has come together, in a real-world drive. From there, adjustments can be made, and new prototypes built.

Volvo has a better way.

Using the most sophisticated technology in chassis simulation, Volvo designers are able to fine-tune driving performance before ever putting wheels on the ground.

The new Volvo S90 is due to join the Volvo XC90 later this year, filling out the new 90 series. These models will be the flagships of Volvo's commitment to safety, luxury, and quality. Driving simulations allow more refined tweaking of the S90's specs, so that when it does go into production, it will come out flawless.

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