Protecting Spines, Easing Minds: Volvo XC90 Child Seat Concept

Do you know why children under two should be in a rear-facing child seat?

It's all about their spines.

While your spine and mine are both made up of solid, bony vertebrae, your child's is a little different. Part of the bones of their back are not fully ossified, but held together with cartilage. This can make them very flexible, but also susceptible to severe injury in a car collision.

Add to that their proportionally larger heads, and you've got a recipe for disaster. That's why children need special safety gear in the car.

While most parents happily use child seats for their infants and toddlers, many use forward-facing seats, which are not as effective at distributing force safely during an accident.

You have to admit, if you've ever tried using a rear-facing child seat, they can be a bit of a pain. First, you have to get your kid into the seat, which can be a trial for you and them. Once they're in there, you can't see them as you drive, and they can't see you. That's no way for a family to travel.

Volvo's new concept could change all of that.

This concept fully replaces the front passenger seat with an adjustable child seat. It's comfortable and easy to get into and out of, and it allows parent and child to see each other, making for more peaceful, more connected rides.

This technology is in concept phase, but we would love to see it appear in new vehicles in the future. Visit Don Beyer Volvo Of Dulles to learn about our currently available safety features.


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