This Season at the NextStop Theatre Company

If you’re in the area of Dulles, Virginia, and looking for a special experience, we might have the ticket. NextStop Theatre Company isn’t just bringing you great performances; they’re uniting the community. Both young and old alike will find a place that’s just right. If you feel like a round peg in a square hole, you’re sure to be a perfect fit. Here’s just a bit of what’s on the upcoming calendar for NextStop Theater.

Shrek The Musical

We know you love the big, stinky, onion layered-Ogre’ known as Shrek, we all do. What will set this performance apart for you though is that the cast is comprised of nearly thirty local children working alongside an array of professionals. Runtime for this performance is about an hour and a half, making it the perfect length for those wee ones. You’ll absolutely love this show, and the kids performing will truly appreciate seeing you in the audience.

A Kosher Christmas Cabaret

With Christmas fast approaching you may want to step away from all the HooHa and catch this fun-filled performance. You will want more after you’ve gotten a chance to experience this gem of a show. You’ll laugh and smile, and no one will judge if you shout out Mazel tov! You will enjoy and appreciate this light-hearted immersion into Jewish life and culture.

Last Ham Standing

You will be sorry if you miss this event, which is happening two times over as many months. This is another one for you and yours, all of yours-from grandma and grandpa to the wee little ones. This is an audience participation performance. The performers will be performing on stage based on your suggestions. This is Improvisation at its finest, and it’s simply not possible if you’re not there to help make it all happen.

A Christmas Carol: A Staged Reading Benefit

You will love being immersed in this classic reading of Charles Dickens’ magical holiday tale. Taking you on this trip will be an all-star cast of Fairfax County Public Teachers. This performance will leave you thoughtful and reminiscent of days long gone. It isn’t just a wonderful reciting of Dickens' story; this event benefits both NextStop Educational programs as well as the FCPS Theatre Teachers Association.

We are sure you will love what NextStop Theatre Company; Dulles, Virginia has to offer. Come by, enjoy a performance, join into a performance, and connect with your community in a safe and welcoming environment. We are celebrating 30 years of performing arts, none of which is possible without an audience or you. Arrive in style with a brand new car from Don Beyer Volvo of Dulles! Stop in for a test drive or call us at 866-673-8089.

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