Checking Out the Volvo V60 Momentum Trim

The Volvo V60 Momentum is a highly sought-after vehicle because of its excellent reviews and stunning design. When you get a chance to take a closer inspection of this vehicle, you will notice some of the unique trim features detailed below.

The interior seat design is meant to keep the driver and passengers riding in style and comfort at all times. Durable, comfortable seat covers help you fight back against stains and maintain a beautiful interior even after years of owning your Volvo V60 Momentum. The removable carpet sections can be quickly and easily scrubbed down to take care of any spills. The leather steering wheel gives you total command of the vehicle and adds an elegant touch. Mood light, aluminum decal inlays, and the charcoal color make the Volvo V60 Momentum an eye-catching vehicle.

Take a test drive of the Volvo V60 Momentum at Beyer Volvo Cars of Dulles in Dulles, VA now.

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