Enjoy Clean Air With the Volvo S60 Luxury Sport Sedan

It is not enough for a vehicle to provide air conditioning which provides you with cooler or warmer air depending on the time of the year. Fortunately, the new Volvo S60 has other features that go beyond air conditioning that can improve the healthiness of the ride which is why we at Beyer Volvo Cars of Dulles recommend this vehicle.

One of the features that are designed for the air and environment of the Volvo S60 is the clean air system. With this system, the air that comes into the vehicle is monitored and then filtered out. If there is any dangerous substances in the air, then the incoming air will be shut out and the system will switch to the air that is inside the vehicle and recirculate it.

Another air-based feature is the 4-zone air conditioning system. This allows the driver and the passenger to control the air for their section of the vehicle.



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