The Exceptional Features of The Volvo S60

In the luxury-sport sedan category, few automobiles can outperform the Volvo S60. This particular sedan is situated at the apex of the industry. Volvo has equipped this vehicle with an abundance of exterior features that are designed to capture your attention. Let's take a closer look into why the S60 is so striking.

The Volvo S60 sports a low profile that's evenly balanced from front to rear. When it comes to exterior dimensions, the S60 simply outclasses the majority of the field. This car exhibits dual-integrated tailpipes as well as retractable side-view mirrors. Color-coordinated mirror caps have also been added to the mix. Of course, Volvo's iconic grille sits prominently to the front of the vehicle, and there are a number of Scandinavian-related accents to complete the overall look. This exterior has no weakness to mention.

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