Prevent Rust and Corrosion by Removing Road Salt Promptly

How often do you drive on salted roads during the winter? Every time you go over this salt, some of it will pop up and land on your vehicle. You can see it as an ashy white haze along the bottom of your vehicle. It's important to get rid of this salt as soon as possible to prevent rust and corrosion.

Salt lowers the temperature at which water will freeze. It's an available, affordable option for keeping roads from freezing over. It also can damage the clear coat on your car, promote the growth of rust, and affect how your car runs. That's why regular cleaning is a must during the winter.

Wash your car every week to 10 days at a minimum. When the temperature is 40°F or over, get it into the wash. Bring your car into the service department here at Beyer Volvo Cars Of Dulles in Dulles, VA for your winter car needs.

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