Inside the all-new Volvo XC90

Step into Swedish luxury from the moment you open the door, breathe clean air, sink into a leather seat, speak commands and touch the screen. Experience the all-new Volvo XC90, our most luxurious and intuitive Volvo yet, launched from the inside out. Because everything we do starts with you.

The art of craft

Our latest technologies and interior crafted from the finest Swedish materials create a truly intuitive and pleasurable Volvo driving experience. The all-new Volvo XC90 interior combines materials such as soft leather and wood with handcrafted details and cutting-edge innovations. Get to know the most luxurious Volvo we've ever built from the inside.

The all-new Volvo XC90 interior combines materials such as soft leather and wood with handcrafted details including diamond-cut controls for start/stop button and volume control. "These details are designed to become the jewels of the interior," said Robin Page, Volvo's Interior Design Director. It comes from Sweden, a place where design is there to help people. Where fresh air and beauty are valued. Where there is an appreciation for things done properly. Take a first look inside the all-new Volvo XC90. 

Designed with you in mind

Good design is a way of life in Sweden, not a luxury. We start by working out what people need and what will make their lives easier. We don't set out to overwhelm them with ostentatious use of technology. With the all-new Volvo XC90, we wanted to redefine the luxury SUV starting from the inside out. We wanted it to be smart and intuitive, but never complicated to use. Because in Sweden, we find elegant solutions to complex problems.

We also come from a land of extreme weather and landscapes and because of this, we've always found unique ways to find comfort in hard conditions. It's why our XC90's interior is a haven of Swedish sophistication. Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president design, explains what it's like to sit in the XC90: "It's bright and cosy, like a Swedish living room. A place that makes you feel so comfortable you are reluctant to leave.

Thomas Ingenlath, SVP of Design

In contrast, the XC90's interior is calm and relaxing. It mixes natural, authentic materials such as our soft leather with beautiful handcrafted details like our flame birch woods and diamond-cut buttons. The touch screen controls many of the XC90's main functions, from the sound system to the heating to the navigation, and in typically Swedish fashion it is logical and easy to use.

"It's the only luxury SUV designed in Sweden, where good design is a way of life, not a luxury." 

A new kind of luxury

The all-new Volvo XC90's interior is a sanctuary. A place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place to relax. A place to think and a place to connect with the world on your own terms. A place without clutter. Because clutter clouds the mind. Welcome to the XC90: a new kind of luxury.

From the Swedish forest to the dashboard

Swedish design is about honesty - using only the most exceptional natural materials. It's why we send our people out into Swedish forests to select the wood for our interiors - because you need that human touch if you want to create the very best. We go to these great lengths because we won't compromise on quality. One of the woods we use is flame birch, only found in remote forests in northern Sweden and Russia. Its name comes from the distinctive patterns in the wood that are a result of the extreme temperatures and harsh winds.

Anders Bergström, Design manager

After it has been selected, the wood is cut into thin layers called veneers that are then stained and treated - a process that is very hands-on. It's not something a machine can do, as Anders Bergstrom, interior design director, explains:

"The wood gets moulded and sanded by hand and then it is dyed. I can imagine a lot of people just think that these cars are so technical. Of course they are. But a lot of things like the materials, the leathers and the woods are handcrafted." The wood trims have been fit to the dashboard in a herringbone design - something Bergstrom calls the book cut. "There's a split in the wood in the middle of the car. It gives a good sense of craftsmanship."

"When you buy a luxury product, the difference between that and an ordinary product is the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into creating it."

Hands-on from start to finish

The seats in the XC90 are exceptional. We use semi-aniline leather that has far less surface treatment than leather used in other premium cars, making the seats feel softer and more natural. This leather also wears better and lasts longer. After a process that involves tanning and curing the hide at the leather supplier, the leather is tested for thickness, strength, abrasion, flexibility and resistance. The leather swathe is then sent to Volvo's seat manufacturer where it is cut, coloured and stitched by hand to ensure the best possible quality.


The leather seats in the XC90 undergo a thorough hand-crafted process. Volvo uses two types of leather: Bridge of Weir Scottish leather and soft Nappa leather from Elmo in Sweden.

"It's amazing actually, there are real people sitting and sewing all day," says Bergstrom with pride and enthusiasm. "The steering wheels as well, with people just stitching by hand. Some of it is done using sewing machines but some details can only be made by hand. That's true craft.

"At Volvo, we have a distinctive zig-zag stitch that is a little bit more demanding than the one used by other car companies. That's why we do it by hand. The higher up you go in the luxury segment, the more time you spend on the hand-crafted elements."

"Some steering wheel stitching details can only be made by hand."

"The designers look up to me for my craftsmanship. They respect my skill and knowledge. I'm bringing their designs to life. That's a really rewarding thing to do. It's why I've worked here since 1988."
- Anders Larsson, Craftsman


The Swedish landscape shaped the XC90's colour palette. In a country that is dark most of the year, we value our light. That's why interiors tend to maximise available light.


"What separates the luxury brands from the ordinary is the quality and amount of craftsmanship. Swedish design treats materials very naturally and honestly - it's the attention to detail that makes it so special."
- Anders Bergstrom, Interior design manager

Comfort that goes further

The XC90's seats are amazing. And not just to look at. Our seats provide great support for your body, from your thighs to your shoulders to your bottom. Don't be surprised if, after a long journey, you arrive feeling as fresh as when you set off. What's even more incredible about the seats in the XC90 is that despite this comfort, they look like a work of art. We've slimmed them down so that they now look like contemporary Swedish furniture. And because the backs of the seat are thinner, there is more space for people in the rear.

"The seat backs have been made slimmer, but with even greater levels of comfort than before."

It takes a lot of very hard work to achieve our high standards. We have specialists dedicated to seat comfort and before a new seat is put into production, clinics are conducted that involve putting literally hundreds of people of different shapes and sizes in the seats. That way, we can ensure that the vast majority of people can get comfortable in the XC90.

Fredrik Hessel, the man overseeing the XC90's seats, explains: "Our 'Comfort' seats, for example, are covered with fine Nappa leather and offered with adjustable side bolsters, ventilation and massage modes. We also have a 'Contour (Sport)' seat with added support on the side of the leg extension cushion." But the seats wouldn't be truly 'Volvo' without great functionality, too - the second row is comprised of three individual seats that can be reclined and folded, and the third row can be power folded for convenience - all from the comfort of your driver's seat.

Swedish Air

Imagine a car where the air inside is cleaner than the air outside. A car that actively removes harmful pollutants and toxins from reaching the people inside. A car that can even close the incoming air ducts if it detects particularly high levels of pollution. That car is the XC90.

Our new climate control system uses sophisticated active carbon filters - the biggest ever fitted to a car - to purify all incoming air as well as the air that's being recirculated inside the car. A sensor can determine how 'dirty' that air is and, if pollution levels are high, can close the ducts to recirculate the air inside. The resulting air is so clean, it's like breathing in a little taste of Sweden every time you drive.

"In short, this is the best climate control system that Volvo has ever produced."
Carl-Mikael Hjörne, Climate concept leader

The man responsible for the climate control system, Carl-Mikael Hjörne, explains: "We've introduced four-zone climate so you get individual temperature zones for the four major seating positions in the car. Those in the back seat can control their own temperatures and rate of airflow, too - so as a premium back seat customer, you can choose what kind of experience you have. And there is a separate unit for the third row of passengers too."

The XC90's climate system marks a significant step forward - the system has more adaptability, superior air filtration, quieter operation and better provision for those in the third row. In short, this is the best climate control system that Volvo has ever produced.

A natural interaction

The all-new Volvo XC90 is designed to be as natural, intuitive and human to interact with as possible. Simply touch the screen or speak to use the car's infotainment, safety functions and everything in between. You can also browse the Internet and turn your car into an onboard wi-fi hotspot. 

Clean, uncluttered, intuitive. Swedish by design

The engineers at Volvo reimagined how drivers could interact with a car by replacing buttons and switches with a large tablet-like touch screen, a head-up display and thumb controls on the steering wheel. It doesn't get more Designed Around You than that.

In the XC90, this information is displayed on a digital driver display or an optional head-up display in front of the driver so they never have to take their eyes off the road. But the highlight is the central display with nine-inch touch screen. A Volvo first, it controls functions such as climate control, the entertainment system, and just about everything in between to make life easy. And by moving many of the car's main functions to the central display, we've been able to eliminate buttons and switches.

This means the interior features a clean, uncluttered design - you might even say, it's a uniquely Swedish approach.

"The touch screen is super-intuitive and easy to operate."

Breaking from tradition, the touch screen is placed vertically in the cabin. This has many benefits, as Jens Henriksson, who was lead engineer for the touch screen, describes: "The advantage of a portrait layout is that, for instance, with a map you can see more of your route. And when you have a row of lists, you can see more of them on one screen without having to scroll down too much." From the screen, you can use the 360-degree cameras to give you an overhead view of the car to make driving the XC90 even easier and more relaxed. You can even zoom in and out of maps by expanding and retracting your index finger and thumb over the screen, just like you would on a tablet.

"Using the screen is so logical that it will become part of your muscle memory very quickly," explains Dr. Peter Mertens, Volvo's SVP of research & development.

Voice control

As intuitive as a touch screen is, we've taken the ease-of-use of major controls one step further to improve convenience for the driver with a voice control system that can understand natural speech.

The system will allow the driver, at the press of a button, to command the car to programme the navigation, play a song, call someone, turn up the heating or ask it to read out your text messages. You can even use nicknames to call up your favourite band. So you'd only have to say, "Play the Boss," and before you know it Bruce Springsteen will be bellowing out of your stereo. You don't even have to learn a command language to control it: just speak as you usually would and the system will understand what you want. Clever…

"The voice control function is so good you can say, "Play the Boss", and you'll get Bruce Springsteen."

Nina Åberg, interaction designer and function owner for voice control, explains the technology: "I don't want to voice control anything that can be done with just a push of a button. I wanted to use speech to operate something that's complicated and takes a lot of time for the driver to do."

And because the all-new Volvo XC90 is fulfilling your every command, you'll never have to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road, which will help keep you safe on the road.

An infrared film means the screen can actually sense a finger without applying pressure. You can also operate the touch screen wearing gloves, useful if you've ever experienced a Swedish winter. "It's possible because we use infra-red touch technology. In front of the screen, there's an infra-red light pattern and when you put your finger within this field, it corresponds to a touch," explains Jens Henriksson, touch screen manager.


Reflections and glare are kept to a minimum, thanks to an anti-reflective coating and the screen is smudge-free. "It's an anti-reflective surface and we have a number of technical solutions to avoid glare," says Jens Henriksson, touch screen manager. Another handy advantage of displaying virtual buttons on a screen is that they can be made to appear bigger as the screen is dynamic, which makes them easier to use.


The Volvo XC90 includes functionalities that range from integrated cloud-based applications for music streaming to the ability to mirror and use Apple iOS devices in the touch screen display. You can browse the Internet, use apps to find music in the Cloud and turn your car into an onboard wi-fi hotspot. The Volvo XC90, connected to your world.

Head-up Display

How can we make driving smarter? Safer? With our head-up display, the most important information is always right where you need it, on the windshield, so you never have to divert your attention from the road.

Our head-up technology has made it possible for the driver to experience information, such as navigation, speed and incoming calls, hovering in the air about 2m in front of the car. The messages are semi-transparent and adapt to the surrounding light. But you can adjust the brightness and image position, as well as create personal settings. Never miss something important again.

Apple carplay inside

The all-new Volvo XC90 is the first Volvo car to feature Carplay. Experience iOS in the 9-inch touchscreen and access your iTunes, contacts, Apple Maps, iMessage, and even Siri. Connect your iPhone 5 or later and interact with it on the large vertical screen, where it becomes a seamless part of the Volvo experience. The iOS device becomes one of many car features you control with a click of a button or the sound of your voice. And Siri becomes the perfect driving assistant, allowing you to control your iPhone through speech. Simply press the voice activation on the steering wheel to start Siri. Stay focused on the road and personalize your drive with Carplay in Volvo.

"Apple is a perfect match with Volvo's Scandinavian Design approach." - Thomas Ingenlath, SVP of design

Music and driving belong together. With CarPlay, you can listen to your favorite tracks on one of the top four automotive audio systems in the world. We've partnered with Bowers & Wilkins to recreate the sound of the Gothenburg Concert Hall inside the Volvo XC90. Listen to your favorite artists, songs, playlists, audio apps, podcasts, and iTunes Radio using your Volvo's controls. When you step out of the car, just plug your headphones into your phone and continue the road trip. 

Pure sound

There are few things in life more relaxing than settling back in the comfort of your home and listening to your music in high definition. That's the experience we've recreated in the all-new Volvo XC90. A haven for you to enter into a world of superior sound.

A luxury car wouldn't be complete without a quality sound system. Whether you want to listen to the radio, stream your favourite music or play an album, the sound system in our all-new Volvo Volvo XC90 will delight even the most sophisticated audiophile. We're confident of this because we partnered with acclaimed audio company Bowers & Wilkins for our Premium Sound system. Quite simply, we wanted to give you the best sound experience on four wheels.

This meant integrating the sound system into the car - not bolting it on as an afterthought. Thinking about the best possible place for the speakers to maximise their effectiveness. Thinking about where to place the tweeters to bring out the highlights of the music. Thinking about how we could give every person in the car the same level of quality experience - regardless of whether they are sitting in the rear seats or the front. That's a Swedish approach. We design our cars with more than just the driver in mind.

It's difficult to express the feeling that good sound gives you. You just know it's right. And you certainly know when it isn't. Great sound-quality speaks to your soul. You hear nuances and elements of the music that you just don't get in normal systems

We partnered with acclaimed audio company Bowers & Wilkins.

And it is this depth, this faithful recreation of your music - whatever the genre - that makes the sound system in the Volvo XC90 so special. That's why we don't focus on the numbers. We won't bombard you with watts and gigahertz. Rest assured our figures are impressive - our top-of-the-range Bowers & Wilkins system delivers 1,400 watts from 19 speakers. But it's what this translates to that is more important. That's why we tune all our audio systems by ear. We don't leave a job this important to a machine.


In creating the best sound system in the history of our company, we have also achieved a world first. A subwoofer is absolutely crucial to very high-quality, powerful bass tones but usually demands a compromise on space within a car's cabin. But because the Volvo XC90's subwoofer has been integrated into the structure of the car by being placed by the rear wheel arch, which has never been done, no space of any kind is sacrificed. It's called a 'fresh air subwoofer' with an opening in the wheel arch that feeds air into the car, which means a larger volume of air can be pulsed. It enables extremely low bass tones for a much richer sound experience.

To create a truly spectacular experience, which replicates what you would experience in our city's renowned Gothenburg Concert Hall in Sweden, we entered into a collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. It took time, but our engineers had to collect more than 800 individual measurements in the concert hall and, with some very sophisticated software, we were able to recreate the acoustics of the concert hall inside the Volvo XC90. We call it the Gothenburg Concert Hall mode, and along with two other modes that you can read about below, it really does redefine a quality listening experience.

Concert hall

Using an innovative approach to deliver the richest listening experience possible, we have created an audio environment that is one of the very best in world, inside or outside a car. To achieve this, we teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins to create the purest sound system in the industry. Together, we've created three different Room Modes that deliver very distinct audio experiences. This is just one of the unique features that sets the Volvo XC90's remarkable audio system apart - here is a sound system that will allow users to adapt their audio experience to fit not only the type of music being played, but also their mood.

We know that a premium sound experience is a crucial element of luxury driving.

A large part of the success of the Volvo XC90's Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins sound system is the result of precise placement of speakers throughout the car - the audio system has been tuned to suit the physical arrangement of the Volvo XC90's cabin, and to ensure that everyone in the car enjoys a premium sound experience. To achieve that, the dashboard houses one centre tweeter and one midrange speaker with a Kevlar cone, while in each front door there is also a mid-range speaker with a Kevlar cone, one tweeter and one woofer. That's repeated on the rear doors, and there are also speakers in the rear roof panel.


Our unique top-of-the-range Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins sound system delivers the best results possible, whether the listener is into classical, a cappella, country and western, big band, soft rock or heavy metal. It is that particular ability to deliver the power and the punch for bass riffs, but with the delicacy to render the softest nuances with pin-sharp accuracy. This attention to detail makes Bowers & Wilkins the perfect partner in creating an immersive and premium sound experience.


In Studio mode, the Bowers & Wilkins sound system faithfully replicates the intimate, focused acoustic experience that you might expect to find in a recording studio. This creates the experience of being right there in the room as the artist records their music.


In the Individual Stage mode, the sound system creates the sensation that you are seated in the front row with the artist delivering their performance just for you. It's an exciting feature of the Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins, and one that delivers a unique experience.


This really is a very Volvo touch for the XC90 - and an appropriately Swedish one at that. In this mode, the acoustic design recreates the unique sound experience that you'd have if you were listening to your favourite performers in the Gothenburg Concert Hall in Sweden.

The world's best sound system

If anyone knows how to recreate great sound-quality in the Volvo XC90, it is Michael Adenauer. Our Volvo sound engineer previously worked as a music producer and recording engineer so he understands what it takes to recreate a top-quality sound experience.

"It takes more than good speakers and amplifiers. You need to tune the system with a human ear. That's what we've done with the XC90. We have several trained listeners at Volvo who do the sound tuning. And that's the most important part, people with experience and the passion for music who know what makes a top quality sound system in a car."

Michael Adenauer Sound system

He's also supremely confident when he says: "Our brief was to create the best sound system on four wheels."

Adenauer says the music experience you can expect: "Close your eyes and imagine a stage that is five metres in front with a massive orchestra playing just for you. Our system recreates that the sound in the most natural way possible. No longer will you think, 'How many speakers does it have?' or 'How many watts does the amplifier produce?'. When you get to this level of sound quality, you will just say, 'Wow'."

We use people with a passion for music who know what makes a top-quality sound system.

As Swedes, we think differently when we set out to create a new luxury car. We always start with asking ourselves what would you want and design around your needs. We're also influenced by our unique landscape. We understand the need for comfort - if you've ever experienced a Swedish winter you'll understand why. So we wanted to make the Volvo XC90 a sanctuary. A home away from home. That's our motivation behind giving you the best sound system possible. We want you to relax in your Volvo XC90. We want you to say this is a place where you can go to listen to your music and unwind. And you will say that because of the work we have put in to creating a sound experience that recreates the emotion of music so effectively.

What's also uniquely Swedish about our approach is that in Sweden, family and friends are really important. Everyone in the car is valued equally. That's why we design our car to have a sound experience that's as good in the back as it is in the front.

As Michael Adenauer describes: "If you're sitting in the backseat we want you to feel that the singer is singing from the headrest in front of you. That you don't have the feeling that the music is playing from the instrument panel."            

Intelligent Power

Imagine a car that can be driven in electric mode in the city - and then when you hit the open road has the performance of a sports car. A car that offers the perfect combination between power and efficiency, like the all-new Volvo XC90.

Drive-E isn't just about our new generation of efficient powertrains, it's about our all-embracing approach to sustainable driving. And while we're seriously committed to creating smarter, more innovative technologies to reduce our cars' impact on the environment, we'll never lose sight of the pleasure to be had in a great drive. In short, we believe you don't need to sacrifice power and superb driveability for efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Volvo XC90 Twin Engine

Our flagship XC90 Twin Engine is probably the best expression of our mantra that high performance need never be at the expense of low fuel consumption and environmental awareness. You really can have it all - a great driving experience but also a car that you can drive with a clear conscience.

And as befits our all-new Volvo XC90, the most powerful and fastest in the range, the Twin Engine gets a very special Swedish touch of style - the beautiful gearshift lever for the new eight-speed automatic transmission is crafted in exclusive Swedish Orrefors crystal.

A great driving experience but also a car you can drive with a clear conscience.

Like everything we do, we want to make life as easy as possible for you. That's why the Twin Engine comes with five different drive modes - because sometimes you might want a more dynamic drive, while at others you may want to enjoy the silence of pure electric mode. Just scroll the thumb-wheel of the drive-mode selector to the desired mode and select. As well as Pure, Hybrid and Power modes, there's Off Road. This mode allows you to tackle poor-quality surfaces in total comfort at speeds below 40km/h. And Individual mode allows you to personalise your all-new Volvo XC90, giving you a truly tailor-made driving experience.

A driving experience to suit your mood

Whether you want to drive in pure silence or enjoy performance that is beyond the realms of traditional electric cars, the Volvo XC90 Twin Engine allows you to adapt your car's character simply by turning its thumb-wheel. The three key modes are:


Travel on electricity alone in Pure mode and get power without compromise. The XC90 Twin Engine features plug-in hybrid technology you can charge up. The Twin Engine's electric-only range will enable people to commute daily without using the petrol engine - making the XC90 Twin Engine one of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient SUVs.Hybrid

One of the issues surrounding pure electric vehicles is the limited range provided by even the most advanced batteries. The XC90's Twin Engine is a full hybrid, which means the petrol engine is there to support you. In fact, the default mode for the Twin Engine is Hybrid mode, which uses the electric motor and petrol engine, individually or together, depending on the driving conditions.


The Twin Engine develops the power you might expect of a V8, but comprised with just four cylinders and an electric motor. The system uses a powerful electric motor in conjunction with our supercharged and turbocharged petrol engine. The result is an output of about 400hp but with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions far lower than most comparable cars on the market.

One of the stand-out features of the XC90 Twin Engine is a gear lever made from exclusive Orrefors crystal glass. This striking piece of crystal is made in Sweden and is only available on the Twin Engine powertrain. Interior design manager Anders Bergstrom, who came up with the idea for a crystal gear lever, describes it as a "gem" that reflects light in different colours when the sun hits it. "It's a beautiful thing," he adds passionately.

Hand-crafted details are designed to become the jewels of the interior.

Because each piece is made by hand using glass-blowing and cutting techniques that stretch back centuries, every piece of crystal is unique. So you could say every Volvo XC90 Twin Engine gets its own unique piece of art. Interior design director Robin Page says the idea for adding details such as the Orrefors crystal was "to connect a lot more with Swedish design, so that you're getting a little taste of Sweden. Details that are designed to become the jewels of the interior." As the fastest, cleanest, most innovative car in the range, it's only fitting the Twin Engine gets a jewel.

Drive-E powertrains